Monday, January 9, 2012

Note to the reader

This site is about the New Testament Christian Churches of America


The contents of this site were originally published at, and are reproduced here by permission.  


This site is in blog format, which means the original ntccxposed menu is inverted: the top of their menu is the bottom of the menu on the right.


This site is published in the hope that it will help save any souls who may be tempted to become part of the New Testament Christian Churches of America.


This site is also published in the hope that it will help former members of the New Testament Christian Churches of America to understand and heal.


And finally, this site is meant as a beacon of hope to all members of the New Testament Christian Churches of America.


I recommend Brian Pelfrey's Confession as your starting point.


  1. Richard,

    Good to see this information back online. Keep up the good work.


  2. This is great. I put up a link on my blog at Vic's request.

  3. Thank you for re-publishing this work! We've added it to our blog roll.

  4. Hello Richard. Not sure if I know you, but if I should remember you...please forgive me.....I'm getting old !
    I just wanted to thank you for reposting this info. I lost the originals years ago when my computer crashed. It's great info that is more relevant all the time...especially with the changing tide over at NTCC.

  5. Thanks Richard for sharing this. I have the paper copies to many of these articles but not all and believed some had been lost forever. I just brought Brian Pelfrey in to look at these and he expressed the same reaction... he believed they had been lost. Thanks for bringing them back. Nicole and Brian

  6. I'm not sure about the reference to the computer crashing... Brian wrote nearly all of these while driving over the road and then had his facebook, email, and who knows all what accounts hacked into. Just want to set the record straight.

  7. The one thing I have really learned in life is that there are givers and takers in the world. There are people who live their entire life believing they are entitled to others hard earned money. They will tell you how absolutely horrible you are and that you do not deserve anything.
    People who are takers have a psychological problem that can not be easily fixed. They are never satisfied and nothing is ever enough. After taking and taking and taking they will then blame you that you have done something wrong to put them in that position.
    What would be members, members and former members need to realize the most is that the United States economy, and the United States military is what funds this. That is where the money comes from. Early founders used US savings bonds to double their money. Steady military paychecks and disability checks are used to give a false appearance that God is blessing. When I was in Graham Washington Certificates of Deposit were paying around 12% to 13% returns. Investments in real estate and escrow scams were also used to create the false picture that God was supposedly blessing. Money stolen from companies were used to buy expensive vehicles to further perpetuate the image of God blessing. Members who can not exploit these means are told they just aren't doing what God want them to do and they are failures. Its all a lie. Make responsible decisions with your money, take care of yourself, seek ways to get benefits and health insurance, educate yourself, save your money and hold on to your retirement and don't let anyone tell you you don't have a right to it.

    What I learned from Tracy Pelfrey:
    1. With a paycheck stub and a social security number anyone can go online and impersonate anyone else. A $200 payday loan that is not paid back because the person whose identity was stolen is unaware of it can end up with a $10,000 debt 3 years later. Pay day loan companies are not required to notify anyone before going to court to get an order from a judge to garnish that person's wages. That person's wages are then garnished each time until the $10,000 debt is recovered.

    2. I also learned about IRS Form 8857. Again several years can go by until suddenly the wages are garnished by the IRS again with no notice because it is being intercepted and hidden. Two years of not reporting income or paying taxes on it can catch up to the innocent party years later. Again after taxes and penalties the thousands of dollars of debt owed becomes a shadow of what is now owed on top of everything else.

    3. That no one cares, that the entitled taker sees this as reasonable and never to be paid back resulting in surrounding enablers who will be sucked into the bottomless pit of never getting above water because each bad decision is the fault and responsibility of someone else for their perceived first world "emergency".

    It is very strange and bizarre to publicly support articles written in an attempt to help former members but then behave the way you do. I believe a human being deserves a better life than to live in the back of a semi truck with no personal vehicle, no belongings, no right to their own paycheck not even one dime of it and then try and teach the very people who depend on that money to bite the hand.

    I see no change or growth in anyone's thinking. I see no sign of anyone taking responsibility for their own decisions. I only see a dysfunctional abusive cycle repeating itself in the next generation.